Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Son of Sadar - HEHEHE - Does it really need a review

1/5 , just for the controversy created around the movie

There are better ways of spending a Diwali weekend. I instead chose to watch SOS. Some movies begin badly but you always have a hope the movie will pick up. SOS however gives no such hope. Its incredibly loud and the cacophony gets to you in the first 15 minutes, wondering how the next 2 hours will pass. To kill time some log on to Facebook , some chat on whats app, some others gorge on the oily samosas and caramel laden popcorn. 

Ajay Devgan does the full monty to try and make u laugh. He dances (OMG), fights, stands atop 2 horses, becomes a sardar, even forces you to laugh by repeatedly saying "Paaji, kabhi has bhi liya karo"
But all you can laugh at is the utter buffoonery done by all serious actors at some point in their careers.

The plot is weak and its incredible how the director Ashwni Dhir can stretch it for nearly 3 hours.

To make it worse, every time the movie hits a bearable patch, an extremely loud song pops out of nowhere.

Sonakshi Sinha has nothing to offer, and so does Sanjay Dutt. Juhi chawla seems as if she's come out straight from the kurkure ad set. 

Im sure hoping this review will be funnier than the movie itself. Please dont watch it. Its diwali, spend time with your family! Im also hoping JTHJ will be slightly better than this. 

Just heard it did 8 crores of business on day 1. Best part of the movie - Hmm - the Dabanng 2 trailer at the beginning.

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