Monday, 12 November 2012

ARGO - A movie worth the time!!

I  went last week to a movie purely out of boredom and for want of watching "Something Different". Argo was the movie playing that time and the plot sounded interesting. I had seen the Ben Affleck directed "The Town" earlier and was impressed with his style of direction then. 

I entered the movie hall with so-so expectations, considering I'm not the biggest fan of war movies. But from the moment the movie began up until the end, there was not one dull moment in the movie. And its not a war movie!!

The opening of the movie played a huge part in setting the tone of the rest of the film. As I had no history or prior knowledge to the events that transpired in Iran in the 1980s, the brief amount of a history lesson was just enough to maintain my interest. Throughout the film, there are times when I might have started to wander through long bouts of dialog, but witty comments by the characters kept me entertained. By the time the climax was about to hit, I was sitting on the edge of my seat, biting at my fingers, awaiting their next move.

Argo is different, what makes it so special and good, is that the script is amazing, especially when you look how many actors are involved as main cast. 

Ben Affleck playing the role of Tony Mendez, a former CIA operative in real life, has really managed to play the role to the T.The other characters fit the role and their resemblance to the original character (showcased in the end credits) is beyond belief.

Argo provides great suspense, drama, and humor which made itself so remarkably charming. This film proves that Affleck can make bigger films than just Boston crime dramas. His style of bringing tension is the classy formula of the film. The rest of the filmmaking is solid. Argo is simply a classic. No matter how ridiculous the premise sounds, it's still undeniably smart and spectacular.

In case you have missed it, there are still some theatres which will screen it till the YRF storm hits them.

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